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Greek Eurovision Candidate Songs

I want to make it clear. I AM NOT A EUROVISION FAN.

But the candidate songs for the Greek representative in the Eurovision song contest have fallen to my hands... Here you go, leave a comment.

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Earhtquake in Chile

These are some images from the Chilian earthquake (the 8.8 magnitude). Lets hope that the tsunami did less damage.

Σας εστάλη από petsagouris μέσω του Google Αναγνώστη:

μέσω Plataforma Arquitectura από τον/την συγγραφέα David Basulto [tricky] στις 27/2/2010

(AP Photo)

Concepción (AP Photo)


Alrededor de las 3:30AM hubo un terremoto grado 8.5 (según algunas fuentes 9).

Iré actualizando con punteos contandoles que ha pasado del punto de vista de arquitectura y construcción.

(disculpas por la ortografía, posteo desde el teléfono)

En twitter hemos reporteado durante la mañana: twitter.com/parq

La norma estuvo a la altura, pero la calidad de la construcción causo problemas:

Maipú: edificios de vivienda bajos colapsados (no cayeron)

Concepción: cayo edificio de 15 pisos, nuevo. Gran incendio en la U de Conce, donde hay mucho patrimonio movimiento moderno, no sabemos si fueron afectados. Puente entre Conce y San Pedro cayo.

Foto por Mirko Salfate

Cupula iglesia - Foto por Mirko Salfate

Santiago: Museo Bellas Artes y MAC (1910) seriamente afectados. Mausoleos del cementerio general cayeron. Cayo cúpula Iglesia Divina Providencia. En Las Condes colapso una losa y aplasto 50 autos.

Cayo el mercado de Talcahuano.

A punto de caer colegio Salesianos de Talca.

Aeropuerto Pudahuel: daños en la cubierta.

Serios daños cubierta Casino Monticello (construcción nueva, 2009)

muchos daños en obras de infraestructura reciente

ruta 5 sur cortada en varios puntos, o sea Chile dividido. ojo con la planificación a escala de territorio.

Cayo hospital en Puerto Saavedra (Temuco hacia el interior)

maremoto se llevó la Municipalidad de isla Juan Fernandez.

Cayo muro carcel de Chillan, reos escaparon (200-250)

(quizás lo de arriba suena muy terrible, pero al menos en Santiago hay tranquilidad, transporte publico funcionando, metro cerrado)

BArrio Brasil (patrimonial, Santiago) muy afectado.

Voy saliendo al centro de Santiago y barrios de edificios, seguiremos actualizando con mas imágenes.

THE BIG PICTURE http://bit.ly/9YNRJX (via @emiliomarin)

fotos de la iglesia la merced en rancagua

Subí algunas fotos del MAC y del edificio de la U San Sebastian en Bellavista. Al primero se le cayo parte de la fachada, al segundo se le cayeron placas de la cubierta.

“17:06 Patricia Poblete, Ministra de Vivienda: Hay al menos 500 mil viviendas que tienen daños severos (…) El catastro verdadero se va a demorar entre 15 a 20 días”" (via @latercera)

(dejen datos en los comentarios o vía twitter @parq)

Foto desde el espacio de Concepción http://twitpic.com/15n5bd/full – por astronauta estación espacial,  (via @emiliomarin)


gonzalezcarceyDerrumbe en Las Condes #terremotochile http://twitpic.com/15pb80

Fotos propias:

Imágenes via The Big Picture – Boston.com:

Talca (AP Photo/Roberto Candia)

Talca (AP Photo/Roberto Candia)

(AP Photo)

Concepción (AP Photo)

(AP Photo/Carlos Espinoza)

Santiago (AP Photo/Carlos Espinoza)

(AP Photo/Sebastian Martinez)

Talca (AP Photo/Sebastian Martinez)


Carretera (MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP/Getty Images)

 (REUTERS/Marco Fredes)

Santiago (REUTERS/Marco Fredes)

Pinche aquí para ver el vídeo

(video sacado de youtube)

Τι μπορείτε να κάνετε από εδώ:

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Can you hold the light please?

Playing with scale. Always an interesting occupation because it sometimes works, some other ones it doesn't.
I guess this photo is one of the times it has worked and pretty brilliantly i would say :)

Please feel free to leave a comment.

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Frog vs Smarter Dragonfly...

Shit,... that frog is coming again,.... bzzzzzzz ...
COME COME COME *Snap* *Plaf* *Plaf* -oh shit-....

That sums up the video above,... faster to watch than read. ;)

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Mice on the staircase!

If this doesn't make you smile you shouldn't follow me around the internet. Period.

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Greekl Civil engineers know how to architect...

OK, this is the greatest example of civil engineer architecture.

This is an amazing opportunity for everyone to recognise the importance of architects doing the architectural work on a project and being responsible about it done properly and staying that way...

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AthensBenchMark competition!!!

This competition is about the benches of the city of Athens. A great example of open competition that will result in the winning design being mass-produced and used throughout the whole city of Athens.

An opportunity not to be missed!

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Dimos staircase

This is the final outcome of the Dimos' house staircase.
Nice project, I enjoyed the close collaboration we had.

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Fresh Tar - Φρεσκια Πίσσα

Nice example of stupid road constructor ...in Poland.

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Architects VS Civ.Eng. - Greek Edition

πήγα στον πολιτικό μηχανικό για να μην μου πέσει το σπίτι και στον αρχιτέκτονα για να μην το γκρεμίσω ο ίδιος

This translates to: "I went to the Civil Engineer so that my house doesn't go down and to the Architect so that I don't bring it down myself."

A really nice line on the way the architects and the civil engineers operate in Greece. I must remind you that Civil Engineers have the right to sign architectural designs for almost anything. This is a right they got in the 1930's when the government wanted to rebuilt the country fast to accommodate the influx of people in cities from the countryside.

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Dimos staircase

This is the final outcome of the Dimos' house staircase.
Nice project, I enjoyed the close collaboration we had.

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Trondheim - Trondheim 06/09 The Masterplan suggests a serie... | pointsupreme



trondheim (1)

The Masterplan suggests a series of carefully placed interventions that act as appendages to the former submarine bunker ‘Dora 1’

: a drive-in cinema and open air multi-function space on the roof, a sunken plaza passing under the railway and forming the main entrance , administration and drop off  building creating a second entrance, a spiral amphitheatre that doubles as market and gathering space, and extended into the harbour, a rectangular pool that doubles as an ice skating rink in the winter. These appendages define and shape the space around Dora1 and strategically expand its influence on the immediate context. To meet growing demands for housing, office space and parking, the Masterplan identifies three further sites around Dora 1 that are prime for intensified development.  

Central to the project’s conception is the optimal organization of the program in response to the tacit restrictions imposed by the long, narrow geometry of the site.  Filling the site solid with development, the residential uses naturally gravitate to the boundary in search of light and the public uses consolidate at the centre of the site.  This public core is realized as void space.  This void space is a generous semi-open, public courtyard, accessed from the public passageway and is conceived as a space to for regularly hosting events, exhibitions and performances. It is intensely programmed and activated acting as a theatrical set for visual art and performances, exposing art and culture to the residents and the public. The deliberate positioning of public uses and space at the centre of the site transgresses the typical model of mixed use buildings (cultural and commercial uses at ground floor connected to the street with housing above) and embeds it in the heart of the project, forcing direct connection and relationship to all the residences of the development.  

The building respects the scale and height of the surrounding context. The three meter level change across the site is capitalized upon by a generous ramp that acts as a pedestrian and bicycle connection passageway. The apartments incorporate a variety of types with flexible arrangements and partitioning to allow for different configurations. The courtyard allows for dual orientation. Roof terraces, the public courtyard and garden area ensure that all apartments have close access to open space. The exterior of the building has a strict, sober expression whilst the permeable façade of the courtyard reveals the building interior which together with the art, confronts the passerby with an ever-changing surprise.

trondheim (2)

trondheim (3)

trondheim (4)

trondheim (5)

trondheim (6)

trondheim (7)

trondheim (8)

status: Europan 10 competition 1st prize
program: urban plan and housing building
area: Masterplan 8.5 ha, building 1838 m2
location: Trondheim, Norway
Collaborator: Alexandros Gerousis
team: Konstantinos Pantazis, Marianna Rentzou, Beth Hughes, Danai Athanasopoulou,
year: 2009

Point Supreme is a team of Greek Architects and have won a competition for a masterplan in Trondheim, Norway. The culture of studying abroad really seems to start paying off. This is really good news!! :)

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Dezeen » Blog Archive » MM Apartment by Nakae Architects and Ohno Japan

There are 3 apartments. But they share all three floors. Troublesome use of space. Good solution in such a tight urban space though.

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